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No injuries in fire on Ottawa’s west side

Firefighters said cigarette caused the fire

An Ottawa resident is OK after his bedroom caught fire Thursday morning.

The resident at 419 1/2 Locust St. told Ottawa firefighters he had a cigarette in his bedroom and when he finished smoking he placed the finished cigarette next to his bed. He said he then walked to the kitchen, and after a few moments, he could smell burning and discovered a fire in his room near where he placed the cigarette. The resident tired to extinguish the fire himself, but was unable to.

Firefighters extinguished the fire shortly after arrival at 7:26 a.m. Thursday, containing the fire to the back bedroom where it started. The resident, who is the only that lives at the home, had evacuated the single-story house to his front yard. Smoke and heat damage occurred at the house, Ottawa firefighters said.

The fire was determined to be accidental from “misuse of smoking materials.”