State Rep. Jed Davis proposes bill to help foster parents

Bill accelerates stipend money within 24 hours of a placement

State Rep. Jed Davis (R-Newark) with his adoptive daughter Genevieve.

State Rep. Jed Davis (R-Newark) said he is looking to help foster parents with House Bill 2995.

This bill provides foster parents an initial stipend within 24 hours of a permanent placement and this stipend is then credited against the final month’s stipend. So, it accelerate stipends without increasing the state’s obligations.

“From my experience as a foster parent, you spend hundreds if not thousands purchasing essentials for placements,” Davis said in a press release. “These essentials include things like car seats, clothes, and mattresses. Foster parents outlay dollars early, but don’t receive their first full stipend until 60 to 80 days later. Why are we creating these financial hurdles when we desperately need more foster parents. My bill, HB2995, addresses this issue.”

For more information about the bill, call Davis’ Yorkville office at 331-867-8200.

“This bill is a simple fix,” Davis said. “We either value foster parents and truly want to partner with them or we don’t. It all ultimately helps the kids which should always be the end goal of foster care. I’m calling on democrats and republicans to pass this bill. I also want people to know it’s not about the money. The money never covers the cost, but it definitely helps, so let’s help foster parents here.”