Streator to demolish 3 abandoned buildings

City allows new owner time to fix house initially set for demolition

The Streator City Council voted to accept a bid for $15,000 to demolish the abandoned house at 516 W. Grant St.

The city of Streator is moving forward on three building demolitions, totaling $32,150.

The council voted Wednesday in favor of demolishing an abandoned house at 216 Sherman St. and a derelict building at 717 S. Bloomington St. for $17,150, utilizing G&M Recycling; and demolishing an abandoned house at 514 W. Grant St. for $15,000 using Johnson Site Work Inc.

The abandoned house at 216 Sherman St. in Streator is slated for demolition.

City Engineer Jeremy Palm said the city initially planned to demolish a house at 404 S. Sterling St., but the day before the bid opening a new owner filed a permit for repair and started to do work on the property. After a review of the ongoing work by the city’s building inspector and review of proposed work, the city is going to allow the new owner some time to rehabilitate the home and keep it on the tax roll.

The building at 707 S. Bloomington St. in Streator is on the docket for demolition.