Bow-and-arrow deer hunting OK’d at Catlin Park

Board raises daily rates 5% for La Salle Co. Nursing Home

Catlin Park is home of the La Salle County Mounted Sheriff Posse Mounted Search and Rescue.

Bow-and-arrow deer hunting will be permitted at Catlin Park.

Thursday, the La Salle County Board voted overwhelmingly to approve archery hunting, though a few details will be ironed out in committee and then returned to the full board.

The lone “no” vote came from Board Member Jerry Myers (R-Streator), who opposed hunting on the grounds the county could be held liable if there were an injury or death.

“How many places do we have to hunt in this county? A lot,” Myers said. “I just think it’s ridiculous for us to put ourselves in a position where we could be sued.”

In response, Board Member Arratta Znaniecki (R-Ottawa) said residents stormed the board last year to keep Catlin Park open and the board should make an effort to open it for all licit uses.

“Plain and simple, we owe the deer hunters of La Salle County the opportunity to harvest deer in the park,” Znaniecki said.

“It’s a waste if we don’t open up our resources to the public,” said Board Member Tina Busch (R-Tonica).