Engle Lane in Streator presents 6 performances of ‘Cinderella’ beginning July 9

Show runs through July 15

Cinderella is played by Alexis Trammel in the Engle Lane performance of "Cinderella."

Engle Lane Theatre in Streator promises a lovely night as the venue presents “Cinderella” for six performances beginning at 2 p.m. Saturday, July 9, and Sunday, July 10, and 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 12, through Friday, July 15.

Doors at the 1012 Columbus Road theater will open one hour before showtime.

“Cinderella” tells a magical, timeless tale for all ages, incorporating humor along with a memorable musical score from one of Broadway’s most popular teams, Rodgers and Hammerstein. Directed by Marlee Reel with a support staff including assistant director Angie McKenzie, musical director Alex Guerrero and choreographer Sophia Abbott.

Cinderella's stepmother played by Kim Freeman; stepsister Joy played by Cheyanne Sunken; Cinderella played by Alexis Trammel and stepsister Portia played by Becky Kpa sing about "A Lovely Night" during a rehearsal for Engle Lane's performance of "Cinderella."

The story’s classic elements showcasing glass slippers, a pumpkin carriage and a royal ball will be brought to life by a cast that features Cinderella Alexis Trammel; Prince Christopher Isaac Alvarado; Stepmother Kim Freeman; Fairy Godmother Katie Varland; Stepsister Joy Cheyanne Sunken; Stepsister Portia Becky Kpa; Herald Wyatt Onsen; King Bob Philip; Queen Jennifer Kirkman; Chef Kelli Muhlstadt; Steward Seth Edwards; Footman Georgia Darby; and Coachman/Clumsy Man Reid Rynke.

The production’s ensemble includes Elizabeth Abbott, Sophia Abbott, Thomas Bickel, Eugenia Craig, Lucas Fraga, Samantha Jackson, Kelly Lefler, Tea Lamboley, Abby Mascal, Lily Michael, Mary Ann Neuman, Kenneth Persky, Emma Reel, Emily Schaumberg, Cora Schultz, Olivia Smith, Skyleigh Speirer, Karsyn Stewart, Abbi Stillwell and Caitlyn Tucker.

This presentation features an abundance of new performers to the Engle Lane stage, a circumstance director Reel is well aware of.

”It’s always great to see new faces on our stage, and the fact that so many of those new faces are in bigger roles, is all that more exciting,” Reel said. “This cast is full of new to ELT faces, new to being on any stage faces, and of course ELT veterans. We’re seeing all of them come together, like a family, to put on a show.”

Prince Christopher played by Issac Alverado and the King played by Bob Philip have a father son moment during a rehearsal for Engle Lane's "Cinderella."

This material has always held a special appeal to Reel.

“I have always loved the way Cinderella tries to find the positive and beautiful side of everything, no matter the situation,” Reel said. “I myself have tried to live my life with an overwhelming sense of optimism, so I guess in that way I relate to Cinderella. I’m not sweeping out chimneys or catering to bossy stepsisters, but I still consider myself one of those daft and dewy-eyed dopes and build up impossible hopes.”

Alvarado, portraying the prince, said he believes this timeless tale is beloved.

“I think the idea of finding true love is an idea that appeals to the romantic side of all of us,” Alvarado said.

Cinderella herself, Alexis Trammel may have the last word on what is so attractive about this upcoming production, “What appeals to me about the story is the idea that anyone, no matter where they come from, can have their dreams come true! It’s a beautiful sentiment.”

Call the theatre box office at 815-672-3584 or go to englelane.org for more information.

The Herald played by Wyatt Oneson proclaims to the villagers "The Prince is Giving a Ball" during a rehearsal of Engle Lane's "Cinderella."