La Salle County has a race for clerk, but sheriff and treasurer unopposed

Eight seats contested for La Salle County Board

Not only will there be a contested race for La Salle County clerk, but there will be a contested primary within the GOP.

Monday was the last day of filing petitions and Clerk Lori Bongartz, an Ottawa Democrat, will vie for another term against one of two Republicans Steven Stohr of Ottawa and Jennifer Ebner of Peru. Stohr and Ebner will face off in the primary.

La Salle County’s incumbent sheriff and treasurer are running unopposed. Treasurer Jim Spelich, a resident of Peru, and Sheriff Adam Diss, a resident of Utica, both filed petitions and have neither primary challengers nor Democratic opponents.

There are several contested races for La Salle County Board.

In District 5, Catherine Owens, of Sandwich, has a primary challenger in John L. Middleton, of Leland.

In District 9, Democrat Carolyn Moore, of La Salle, has no Democratic challengers but will face off against one of two contenders from the GOP, Ray Gatza, of Peru, or Joseph Nuske, of La Salle.

In District 10, incumbent Democrat Joseph Oscepinski, of Peru, vies with Republican challenger Glen Pratt, of Peru.

For District 11, incumbent Joe Witczak, of Peru, will face off against the winner of a contested GOP primary between Rick O’Sadnick, of Peru, and Martin Rue Jr., of Peru.

In District 12, incumbent Democrat Jill Bernal, of Peru, vies with Republican Lynnette M. Thompson, of La Salle.

For District 13, incumbent Democrat Mike Kasap will face Republican Crystal Loughran, of Peru.

For District 16, newcomers William J. Brown Jr. and Nicole Mertes, both of Utica, will compete in the Republican primary. The winner faces Democrat Joseph Panzica Jr., of Utica.

In District 22, former Board Chairman Jerry Hicks, of Marseilles, a Democrat, has drawn a Republican challenger in Stephen Aubry, of Marseilles.

Unopposed are incumbent Democrats Joe Savitch, of La Salle (District 14), David Torres, of Oglesby (District 15), Douglas Trager, of Ottawa (District 17), Lou Anne Carretto, of Ottawa (District 19), Tom Walsh, of Ottawa (District 20) and Brian Dose, of Ottawa (District 21).

Republicans unopposed are incumbents Joanne McNally, of Mendota (District 1), Gary Small, of Utica (District 2), Kindra Pottinger, of Sheridan (District 3), Douglas Stockley, of Earlville (District 8), Jerry Myers, of Streator (District 28) and Tina Busch, of Tonica (District 29).

They will be joined by Republican newcomers with no challengers: Beth Findley Smith, of Somonauk (District 4), Lloyd Chapman, of Ottawa (District 18), Michael McEmery Sr., of Marseilles (District 23) and Matt Slager, of Streator (District 28).

Notably, recently-enacted redistricting compressed a few districts, raising the possibility of four incumbent-on-incumbent contests. None materialized, however.

Streator Republican Thomas Green declined to take out a petition, leaving fellow Streator Republican Walter Roach unopposed for District 27.

Republican Craig Emmett, of Wedron, will run unchallenged for District 7 now that Robert Lee (D-Seneca) has not filed for reelection.

Republican Arratta Znaniecki, of Ottawa, runs unopposed for District 24 now that fellow Republican Elmer Walter, of Grand Ridge, has not taken out a petition.

Curtis Faber also didn’t file a petition, ceding District 1 to fellow Mendota Republican JoAnne McNally.

The county’s political party can nominate a candidate following the primary in races where no one has run. Candidates also may file to be write-in candidates.