Thank You Letters to Morris Hearld News Area Veterans

AgriNews will dedicate its Nov. 8 online and Nov. 10 print editions to veterans to thank them for their selfless service and dedication to our country.

All Veterans: How do I begin to thank a Veteran in 100 words or less? I have so much to say to all the Veterans and especially my loved ones who are Veterans. From the bottom of my heart , I appreciate and thank you for the sacrifices you made to serve our beautiful country ! It is because of you that we get to live & breathe freely on a daily basis. Your courage and sacrifices do not go unnoticed. Also, I thank your families for sharing you, as I’m sure while doing your time of service they missed you ! Freedom isn’t free. Our family loves our Freedom and we have you to thank! For the Red, White and Blue, Thank you for all you do! Alana McNabb

Demarcus Nehmelman and Craig Dock: Thank you for your service to our country. You are a courageous hero. Your bravery, sacrifice, and strength do not go unnoticed. Thank you for your time, bravery, and sacrifice for our country. Please know that you are appreciated and recognized as someone who helped protect our freedom. - Grundy Transit System

Veteran Kyle A. Kuehni: Thank you son for your service, bravery and sacrifice while in the Army and out of our country for Operation Enduring Freedom for a year! We are proud of you as our son and as our hero. We love you and salute you and all veterans. Diana Kuehni

Veteran Robert Thomas Stansberry: As I get older I can see how taking veterans sacrifices and selflessness for granted. Each veteran in my life has instilled values and appreciation to be an American. Each veteran should walk tall and be proud of themselves to have served our country. Thank you to all the veterans. Please know your strength and dedication has not been overlooked. Michael Gonnam

Veteran Edward Barry: Thank you for your service! Jolene Barry

Veteran Robert Fisher: Thank you Dad/Papoo for your service in the US Army. You are our hero! Katie Provance

All Veterans: How do you pick just one? The all deserve all the thanks we can give them. Growing up with my dad in the ARMY I learned a whole lot of respect for the military. They give everything they have, leave everything they love, and fight for everyone and our country and expect nothing in return. All who serve are heroes and I thank you all for your service. Katie Bodine

Veteran Mike Peterson: Thank you for your service Mikey P! Kristina Murphy

Veteran Edward Christensen: Thank you to all of our military members- past, present, and future. I also send a special thank you to my Dad, Ed Christensen, for his years of active service in the US Army and for his ongoing volunteer work as a veteran at the Gardner American Legion. I know I don’t say this enough— Thank You and love you! I’m proud of you, Dad! Jori Christensen

Veteran Richard A Binkley: This to thank everyone who are thanking the Veterans for for their service.When I got out of the Army in April of 1972, Veterans were notgiven a good welcome home .Now that we are being appreciated it makes me more proud that I served.When your country calls be ready. Richard Binkley

Veteran Isaiah Pouncy: Thank you for all of the sacrifices you made for our country. Samantha Pouncy

Veteran Nathan Tuider: Thank you Nate for serving your country. We are proud of you. Love you infinity and beyond. -Jenn, Jake, and Sophie Tuider

All Veterans: Thank you for your service! Belinda Grote

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