Understanding Veterans' Compensation for Service-Connected Disabilities

Grundy County Veterans Assistance Commission - Understanding Veterans' Compensation for Service-Connected Disabilities

Are you a veteran trying to navigate the world of service-connected disability compensation? Here is more information to help you better understand these benefits:

1. What is it?

Service-connected disability compensation is a monthly tax-free payment from the US Department of Veterans Affairs to veterans who got sick or injured while serving in the military, and to veterans whose service made an existing condition worse.

2. Who qualifies?

You may qualify for VA disability benefits for physical conditions, such as a chronic illness or injury, and mental health conditions, like PTSD, that developed before, during, or after service.

3. What type of service-connected disability compensation is available?

  • Direct Service Connection: This is when you had an injury or illness while on active duty and that condition was documented and treated. Direct service connection also requires that the same condition is currently an issue and is being treated by a medical provider. The VA has a medical provider determine if the past condition and the current condition are connected to the veteran’s military service.
  • Presumptive conditions: For some conditions, the VA automatically assumes — or “presumes”— that your service caused your condition. These are called presumptive conditions. If you have a presumptive condition, you don’t need to prove your service caused the condition, you only need to meet the service requirements. The common presumptive exposures are Agent Orange herbicide exposure to veterans of Vietnam, exposure during service at Camp Lejeune, and the recent presumptive exposure conditions from Southwest Asia service.
  • Secondary Conditions: A secondary disability is when a service-connected disability has caused or has aggravated a new or pre-existing illness or injury. VA Disability compensation can often extend beyond an original military service-connected injury as long as there is sufficient medical evidence.

Have questions? The Grundy County Veterans Assistance Commission can answer your questions and help you file the appropriate claim for your situation.

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