Wilbur finds his way to a new, forever home

Wilbur enjoying his new home.

MORRIS – The pig that burrowed his way into the hearts of Morris residents has potentially found his forever home.

Wilbur was rescued from Saratoga Towers on Sept. 8 and was immediately brought to the University of Illinois for veterinary care, where he was dewormed and given a shot for pain.

“He had a few cuts and bruises from being outside for that length of time. He also hit his head when he was captured so we were worried he may have a concussion, but it is looking good,” Phoebe Conner, co-director of the Chicagoland Pig Rescue said.

Wilbur is being fostered by Dawn Avello, she assisted in his rescue and is hoping to adopt him. She said they bonded immediately.

“I love animals and I have always wanted a pig. I didn’t have a place before, but we recently moved to 5 acres. I was asked to help to come out and rescue him, and I just fell in love with him. I just wanted to give him the best life, and make sure he is taken care of,” Avello said.

“It’s been awesome for him, he shares a heated barn with two cats, that he is very comfortable with. He is coming around quickly to people. He loves flopping over to get belly rubs,” Conner said.

Wilbur snuggling into his bed

Unfortunately, Wilbur will not be attending this year’s Cornfest, as it would be too difficult for him, but there will be a table on Saturday, Oct. 2 with a slideshow, buttons and the opportunity to donate towards Wilby’s medical care.

“It is not in his best interest right now to be around that many people, it would be very overwhelming,” Conner said.

For updates on Wilbur visit his Facebook page, Wilbur the Morris Pig.