Morris Police Sergeant retires after 27 years

“We all have a responsibility to serve our community,” Sgt. Steve Huettemann said.

Sergeant Steve Huettemann

MORRIS – Sgt. Steve Huettemann said he believes being a police officer is more than protecting the public, it’s about serving the community.

Huettemann retired from the Morris Police Department Tuesday after 27 years on the force.

“As a police officer you are not only there to help the community by protecting the public, you also have to serve in other ways if you want to be an ideal cop,” Huettemann said.

Sergeant Steve Huettemann takes a phone call in his office.

Huettemann joined the Army as a military police officer in September of 1985 at age 19. He later transferred to the Army Reserves and was deployed in 1990 during operation Desert Shield.

“The army helps you in the long run, with discipline, attention to detail, professionalism with your uniform, and how you treat people,” Huettemann said.

When he came home in May of 1991, Huettemann continued his education at Illinois Valley Community College. Upon graduation he become a member of the Olgesby and Ottawa police departments before joining the Morris police department.

Sharon Schlappi (right) presents Sergeant Steve Huettemann with a retirement gift.

As a member of the department, Huettemann worked as a motor officer, detective, field training officer and day shift patrol sergeant. Huettemann said he believes the pinnacle of his career was working as a school resource officer.

“I was given the freedom to do the program the way I felt it should be done. I was able to create relationships with the staff, students and parents to bring the program where it is today,” Huettemann said.

As a field training officer, Huettemann instilled the importance of community onto incoming officers.

“We all have a responsibility to serve our community. When I train new police officers, I kind of push on them that coming to work and collecting the check is not being a police officer. You have to be a well-rounded person,” Huetteman said.

Sergeant Steve Huettemann (center) with his daughter Anja, his wife Lisa, and his son Aric  Huettemann

He is very involved in the community as a member of the American Legion Post 294, VFW Post 6049, a Grundy County Honor Guard, a Run Beat 5K director, and Immaculate Conception Church.

“Policing is just one aspect of the community. You should join a church, become a member of a club, join fraternal organizations like the VFW, American Legion, The Lions Club – it doesn’t matter. All these organizations are there to help the community out,” Huetteman said.

Jerry Terando, Chef de Gare of The Blue Chevaliers attributes Huetteman’s strength to his convections based in faith, family and his service to the his nation and community.

“Steve’s strength is his integrity. He does what is right when no one is around,” Terando said. “He has a strong family bond and family support as evidenced in his wife, son and daughter.”