Community Pulse: Angels among us

Karen Nall

During the past holiday season, the United Way of Grundy County was honored to partner with the Morris Herald-News/Shaw Media for the 2023 Morris Herald Angels Campaign; an opportunity for people to make a donation in a different way.

The United Way of Grundy County already helps to provide many programs that address the community’s most critical needs for health, education and financial stability and the Morris Herald Angels Campaign helped to make an even greater positive impact in our community through the generosity of several angels among us.

A generous $500 was raised for the United Way of Grundy County through the Morris Herald Angels Campaign. We truly appreciate the following donors who contributed to this recent campaign: John and Bev Cullick in remembrance of the Wilson and Cullick families, Kay Jensen in remembrance of Beth Eason and David L. Anderson, Delores Robinson and several anonymous donors.

“We appreciate Morris-Herald News/Shaw Media for the opportunity to partner with them for the Morris Herald Angels Campaign and are truly grateful to the angels who donated,” Nall said. “Every dollar makes a difference and helps more than one non-profit agency, more than one program, and more than one person in Grundy County.”

All funds donated to the United Way of Grundy County annually support more than 50 vital programs and services in Grundy County that create positive, sustainable change through five focus areas: Fulfilling urgent and basic human needs, promoting health and wellness, improving financial stability, increasing independence and self-sufficiency, and helping youth succeed.

These programs include assistance from birth to death, and include basic human needs, education, health, crisis intervention, domestic violence, mental health, homelessness, transportation and disaster relief, and the County’s 2-1-1 program for youth, families, low-income individuals, persons with disabilities, seniors and veterans. We could not do this without the support of the community.

The Morris Herald Angels campaign provided a unique avenue for people to help support these vital programs and we are grateful for the angels that are among us.

Steve Vanisko, Publisher for Shaw Media added, “We greatly appreciate the support of our subscribers that donated and are looking forward to working with the Grundy County United Way on a campaign for the 2024 holiday season.”

For more information about the United Way of Grundy County or for resources, assistance, and information, call (815) 942-4430 or visit the website at