Looking Back for January 18, 2023

Stagecoach Theatre on Barber Greene Road in DeKalb is pictured in September 1969.

1923 – 100 YEARS AGO

Through a real estate transaction consummated yesterday, Edgar B. Still becomes the owner of the Ronan building at Fourth and Lincoln Highway occupied by the DeKalb Trust & Savings bank, Gust Youngstead the tailor, and Pat Kennedy, with the Moose occupying the second floor, and the third floor at this time unoccupied, but formerly used as the armory for the I. R. M.

Although the date of the baby clinic at the American Steel & Wire company was advanced one day this week, yesterday instead of today, there was a very good attendance of the mothers of the city, who have their babies examined, weighed and measured once a week. These clinics, under the supervision of the steel company doctor and nurse, have proved beneficial in many ways and many mothers have been able to keep their babies in better health during the winter months, when the little ones are susceptible to illness.

Work on the county jail is almost completed now according to Sheriff Crawford this morning, who says the place looks just like new and a wonderful change has been noticed. The lower floor has been redecorated in a light color and looks just as inviting and pleasant as any home one might enter. Other work is being done in the jail and that, too, is near completion.

Three new windows will be installed this week at the county treasurer’s office to be used mainly during the rush season when the taxes will be payable. The windows will be protected by steel bars trimmed in gold with an enlargement in the middle for the exchanging of business matters. Three cashiers will be stationed at each window to take care of the money when it arrives from the different portions of the county. Another alteration will be the installing of a large door in the extreme eastern part of the office.

Many schoolchildren both in the village of Malta and in country schools are out of school this week, due to the mumps. At the present time the disease seems to have secured a grip in Malta, as in almost every home there is at least one case. Although no cases are very serious, it will compel the children to stay in their homes for some time and lose out on their school studies. It is thought that the next week or so a greater portion of the children will be able to return and take up their studies.

1948 – 75 YEARS AGO

It must be too cold to even get into trouble as the police blotter this morning showed but little activity of a startling nature yesterday through late this morning. An accident and an ambulance call constituted the business from noon yesterday to midnight and the only notation today was a call for the ambulance about 9:30 o’clock this morning.

Warren Wood of Hinckley had the misfortune of cutting his hand quite badly while working on his truck. Sixteen stitches were necessary to close the wound. He is suffering considerable pain.

Mr. Leatherby and family, of Lindenwood, moved into the house at the DeKalb Agricultural plant west of Esmond on Tuesday and Wednesday.

At 2:45 o’clock this morning the DeKalb fire department was called to 315 Taylor Street where a frame brooder house owned by Vernon Vesta was in flames. The fire had a strong start when discovered and was fanned by a strong wind. Considerable water was used but the fire had too strong a start and the brooder house was completely destroyed.

Heston Wesson of Victor, proved a co-operative dad Wednesday evening, taking the youngsters of the Wesson school for a bob sled ride, after which they all warmed up on cocoa and cookies served by Mrs. Wesson.

The Haish kindergarten is enjoying some Christmas remembrances received this year and will continue to enjoy them for years to come. Gregory Biss, who attends the kindergarten and his father Dr. Kurt Biss made the class a gift of records. These are produced under the direction of leading progressive educators and musicians, and are especially adapted to the interest and needs of children of kindergarten age.

1973 – 50 YEARS AGO

The DeKalb Park District Board of Commissioners approved a reduction in the summer recreation budget by $26,714, nearly a third of the total budgeted last year. The biggest cutback was in the swimming area with discontinuation of utilization of the high school pool. This cutback plus elimination of some maintenance help at Hopkins Park pool will result in a cutback of $19,818. Along with the discontinuation of using the high school pool will be a reduced cost in supervision, attendants, maintenance, utilities and rental cost.

Permanent baseball diamonds that are safe and properly maintained in a central location soon may become a reality for Sycamore youths. Plans to construct a baseball complex located on newly acquired airport property have been announced by the Sycamore Little League, Pony League, Colt League and proposed Lassie League. The Sycamore Park District board has agreed to allot 24 acres of property to the benefit of the baseball programs in Sycamore.

Gordon W. Wetzel, vice-president and sales manager of Holub Industries, announced his pending retirement at a dinner given in his honor. His resignation is effective Jan. 31. Wetzel was the first employee of Holub Industries when the company was organized by Bert E. Holub in June 1946. The first product was industrial blowers.

1998 – 25 YEARS AGO

For several months last year, it looked as if enthusiasm toward the music scene in the DeKalb-Sycamore area had decreased. Fortunately, things are looking better for the musicians and the music. One example of improvements is a series of new record labels and recording studios in the area. Brad Benson, Zack Hamingson and Ben Webb, members of the band The Circus, have opened a new record label in Sycamore which has the potential to be a success. Circus Records is the latest locally owned label to open its doors to the public.

The DeKalb Safe Passage shelter is now a little safer, thanks to GTE Wireless. The telecommunications company, a sister corporation to GTE, has donated seven cellular phones and free air time to the shelter. The phones will be given to staff and clients to use in case of an emergency.

Groundbreaking for the DeKalb Regional Mall has been delayed for a third time, but the mall is still scheduled to open by fall 1999. There are also several design changes for the mall, to be built at the northwest corner of Peace Road and Fairview Drive.

– Compiled by Sue Breese