Looking Back for Oct. 27, 2021

1921 – 100 YEARS AGO

An old wolf which has been committing depredations in Afton Township by killing sheep and chickens has gone to the happy hunting grounds, having been shot by Bernard Donnelly last Sunday. Mr. Donnelly produced the scalp at the office of the clerk and received the bounty order for $10.

Tomorrow and Thursday will see the public demonstration of a motor-driven road patrol or grader at Elva, according to Arthur Russel, county superintendent of highways. The machine according to Mr. Russel is one of the most modern of road grading equipment driven by electric motor and conveniently handled on all roads.

Judge V. A. Glidden has disposed of his John Street home which he purchased several months ago to Mrs. Castle. Judge and Mrs. Glidden will take the apartment on North Third Street in the building owned by Bailey Rosette. The judge says the folks will be near town and there will be less work for his wife and also himself.

Friday was horse sale day in DeKalb but not one animal was purchased by Chicago buyers. Several horses were brought into the barns of Martin Brock, but the Chicago men were willing to offer but a few cents on the dollar for what the owners asked. As an example of the way prices on horseflesh were reported Friday, Martin Brock tells of selling a horse to a farmer three years ago for $160. Yesterday he brought the same horse, and in apparently as good condition, sold it for $10. Brock believes that the end of horse sale days in DeKalb is not far away as there seems to be little interest shown in the day of automobiles and tractors.

The special exhibition of material illustrating the history of Chicago displayed at the Teachers College by the Museum of History is attracting a great deal of interest. There is an almost constant inspection of the collection by facility and students, individually, or in small groups. Beside a good many townsfolk have been interested visitors.

A second shipment of those famous Van Heusen collars arrived today. The comfort of a soft collar, the appearance of a starched collar, can be washed at home like a handkerchief. Will not shrink, will not wrinkle, will not wilt. No chemicals no artificial stiffening. All sizes, including quarters. Get your supply NOW. Carlson & Benson

1946 – 75 YEARS AGO

Friends in this vicinity have been interested in the report from California telling of Raymond E. David and his son-in-law, William J. Stacher, landing a huge 63 1/2-pound salmon recently. The fish was landed from the Sacramento River Bridge at Anderson and Davis had to wade into the water and catch the line after the huge fish had broken it.

Although damage estimated at around $100 was caused, burglars who attempted to crack the built-in safe at the Kirkland High School on Wednesday night failed in their attempt. Stewart Mulford of Byron, a safe expert, worked from 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon until 2:30 o’clock this morning before he was able to open the safe. A check showed that the burglars had failed in their attempt to open the safe. The combination had been knocked off the safe and an electric drill had been used in attempting to open the safe. Although the burglars were unable to gain entrance, damaged cause to the safe will run around $100.

If you happen to have any unregistered machine guns, sub-machine guns or automatic weapons of other types lying around the house, you are subject to a fine up to $2,000 and imprisonment up to five years, Thomas Bailey, investigator in charge of the Evanston area for the alcohol tax unit of the Internal Revenue Bureau, announced. Members of the tax unit were in DeKalb yesterday conducting an intensive campaign to secure the registration of all such weapons, defined as those from which a number of shots or bullets may be discharged with one continuous pull of the trigger. It was stated that until our armed forces were deployed over the world in World War II, guns of the type mentioned presented no particular hazard to law enforcement officers. Now the existence of a large number of automatic weapons in the custody of private individuals is materially increasing the hazard of their falling into the hands of the criminal element through illegal sale gift, transfer or theft.

What is believed to be the first litter of German Boxers born in DeKalb County arrived last week, there being seven in the litter. The mother is owned by Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Merdler of Rural Route Two. The mother registered as Garnet of Woodbarr was purchased by the Merdlers at Rockford three years ago. The sire is Champion Lucifer of Nazelaine. It is thought that the litter of German Boxers is the first ever born in this county.

1971 – 50 YEARS AGO

The First State Bank of Maple Park, will observe an open house, inviting the public to view their newly remodeled quarters. Looking back over the 68 years since the First State Bank of Maple Park was chartered by the State of Illinois, there have been many changes. From the days of horses to our modern transportation, from the record keeping by hand to our modern machines, all these have been instrumental in the growth of this bank.

Twenty boys and girls at the Northern Illinois University Laboratory School now know the difference between a halter and a bridle and between a Western saddle and an English saddle. The 9-year-olds in Intermediate Cluster D also learned much more about horses and experienced mounting, dismounting and riding in their just-completed two-week “mini course” on horsemanship.

The Sandwich Jaycees want to urge all parents and children in Sandwich to follow the recommendations made by Mayor William Francis in his Proclamation. Primarily this means that “trick-or-treat” visits should be conducted between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 30.

1996 – 25 YEARS AGO

The movement to create a new historic district in DeKalb continued on its way through the process last night as the city’s Landmark Commission set a date to make a preliminary determination on eligibility. A group of residents living in the College, John and Locust Street area petitioned the city last month for the historic district designation.

Beginning next school year, many children, and eventually all students, will be required to be immunized against the Hepatitis-B virus. All children, 2 years of age and older, entering a child-care facility or any school-run program below the kindergarten level, will be required to have the immunization.

About 35 protesters marched outside the Paperback Grotto, in downtown DeKalb, calling for the removal of the store, sensing opportunity as the city council considers forcing the shop to move. Council is eyeing regulations which would prohibit any new adult-oriented businesses in the downtown area, restrictions which are likely to be approved, as well as a zoning change which would force the Grotto to move elsewhere.

– Compiled by Sue Breese