Letter: Just a thought ... about making a toast

Keyboard - letter to the editor

Have you ever made a toast to someone or something? Toasting outlines a special person, place or thing. Putting a mental spotlight on the subject matter while everyone raises their glass high just waiting to be clinked demonstrates a meaningful way to celebrate a memory, an achievement or just a special, simple praise or thought to be shared.

Today’s technology allows us to make a toast on our phones or computers to be shared and received from many miles away.

The toast can be simple, comical or sincerely heartfelt.

In the 17th century, the clinking of glasses became popular and carried into current times. You can toast with sparkling grape juice or any liquid of choice.

A toast can be short and sweet, a few sentences, or added to a short story. Keeping a toast within a reasonable number of words is best and meaningful.

Here’s a sincere toast from one friend to another: “I have often said that you are much too curious until the day you rang my doorbell and handed me my favorite hat. You saw something through your window hanging on a distant tree. You went out and walked to get closer to see what it could be. You saw it was my lost hat that meant so much to me. Here’s to you and your curiosity.”

Make it a fun day. Surprise someone and deliver a toast. Make a moment feel special.

Linda Alexandra