Dungeon of Doom set to open for season

Site in Zion returns to deliver chills through Nov. 4

ZION – Dungeon of Doom is kicking off the spooky season by opening its doors Friday, Sept. 29.

Ticket pricing varies. Prices begin at $25.

This year, the haunted house will feature a new and improved waiting area sure to deliver thrills and chills with immersive special effects and light shows. The haunted house also will boast a brand-new Dead Clown Alley and a new 5,000-square-foot Sanctuary sure to send shivers down guests’ spines that will serve as the gateway into the Legendary Dungeon of Doom Haunted House.

“We have been redefining scary for our guests for the past 27 years and this year I feel like everyone will be blown away by some of our creative ideas that will be brought to life by our 100+ seasonal employees,” said Peter Koklamanis, co-owner of Dungeon of Doom. “We believe our ticket to success is developing the science behind the scare and are thrilled for our guests to experience 60 minutes of terror and fear complete with amped-up technology, theatrics and special effects.”

Attractions include:

• The Sanctuary, which includes the Judgment Room, Atrium Garden and Nuns Hall-Run. There has been an investment of more than $75,000 in this new attraction, according to the news release.

• Tomb of Doom, which is an attraction of pure chaos that will immerse attendees in an evil temple. The deep underground damp and cold surroundings of huge rock formations is watched by elusive warriors. When entering its sanctuary, a massive ancient monster surprises thrill-seekers.

• Buried Dead or Alive, a patented horror experience. It gives thrill-seekers the chance to see if they can withstand the claustrophobic scare sensation of being buried alive or they must risk having to join the rotting ranks of the buried dead. A test of bravery and sanity, Buried Dead or Alive only can be experienced at the Dungeon of Doom. (Available to Fast Pass, VIP and Platinum VIP ticket holders.)

• Hades Boiler Room is a place where scare enthusiasts can encounter industrial-grade terror in the shadowy depths of their worst nightmares. This hellish sub-level is amid a maze of bursting corroded pipes that drip water as pressure gauges indicate an impending explosion of boiling death just waiting to steam-cook anyone at any moment.

• Throughout the Year Edge of Escape Room. Attendees are trapped in a time machine and within 45 minutes they must break out to a new world to save time and humanity. The escape room is separate and tickets can be bought on the escape room website at edgeofescape.com.

After Halloween, the scares continue with The Blackout! Experience on Nov. 3 and 4. It offers guests the opportunity to explore the haunted house in complete darkness with only a single glow stick to guide your way.

For more information or to buy tickets, visit www.dungeonofdoom.com.

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