Senior service programs shift hands in Antioch

Village transfers operations to Antioch Township government; joint effort called ‘win’ for seniors

ANTIOCH — The Antioch Village Board has voted to transfer operations of all senior service programs to the Antioch Township government.

Working collaboratively through this new arrangement, the Township and Village will be able to offer more efficient programming and services to the Antioch community.

While services will be managed by the township government, the Senior Center building will still be owned and maintained by the Village of Antioch. Any non-senior services programming will be run by the Village of Antioch Park’s Department.

“This joint effort will allow for better services with cost savings,” Antioch Mayor Scott Gartner said in a news release. “This is a win for everyone, especially our seniors.”

Antioch Township has been working on a revised senior program schedule that combines and includes the long-standing programs and activities that have been a staple at the Antioch Senior Center as well as the robust programs, trips, and events Antioch Township has created and grown throughout the past three years.

“One of the top priorities is to ensure our seniors have a safe comfortable place to gather, with the ability to create recreational activities for all,” Antioch Township Supervisor Tom Shaughnessy said in the release.

Antioch Senior Center building repairs: The Village of Antioch will temporarily close the Antioch Senior Center from May 2 to June 6 for needed repairs and upgrades to the building. Throughout the five-week closure, Antioch Township will continue Senior Center events at their 1625 N. Deep Lake Road, Lake Villa address. The Senior Center building is expected to reopen on June 7 with an updated schedule of events and programs that will be run both at the Senior Center and Antioch Township building.

Residents with questions, concerns, or looking to volunteer are asked to call Antioch Township Senior Services at 847-395-3378.