Grayslake arts group plans virtual tour Jan. 23

Visitors will be able to move through show and purchase art

GRAYSLAKE – The Grayslake Arts Alliance announced it will stage its Jan. 23 show as a virtual tour.

Partnering with the Grayslake Heritage Center and 3D RoomScapes of Grayslake, the GAA converted its January show to a virtual event in which visitors will be able to move through the show and purchase art with the click of a mouse.

“This is another example of how we are thinking outside the box during the pandemic,” GAA President and co-founder Ernest Schweit said in a news release. “It’s the perfect bookend to our website shows and our new online store. It puts us in a strong position to continue to benefit our community and our members once the pandemic is behind us.”

Paul Price, events chairman and board member, said visitors can access the event through the GAA website,

“With one click of the mouse, visitors will be transported to a virtual representation of the Grayslake Heritage Center community room where the art show will be staged,” Price said. “By moving the cursor, one can literally travel anywhere through the room to look at any piece of art. To make a purchase, simply click the tag and the site will seamlessly direct the user to checkout.”

The show will feature up to 54 pieces of art from GAA member artists, including paintings, photography and mixed media pieces.

Artists who will be showing their work include Aruna Sarode, oil, watercolor, acrylic; Paul Price, mixed media; Emilie Sizemore, photography, oils, watercolor, acrylic; Les Scott, scratchboard; Clarese Ornstein, acrylic, oil, alcohol ink, colored pencil, photography; Edie Wendricks, stained glass; Sandra Peek, oil and watercolor; Wendy Petera, photography; Kristen Neveu, mixed media; Tina Baldwin, mixed media; Charlene Riffer, colored pencil, graphite; Stefanie Anastasia, colored pencil; Oliver Merriam, oil, watercolor; Jennifer Evans, mixed media, acrylic, watercolor; Roni Malic, paint, pastels; Sherri Fowler, oil, pastels; Ernest Schweit, photography; and Lauren Keegan, pencil and paint.

Membership information is available at