Letter: Just a thought ... about tipping

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Are you opposed to tipping for services rendered? There are different views on tipping. There are people who believe that just paying for a service is enough and there is no reason to include a penny more for a tip. What if someone with a limited income paying for a service is not able to afford tipping? For some people, leaving a tip could eliminate a grocery item or putting gas into their vehicle. Should people who cannot afford a tip be considered cheap? There may be some cheap people or just very financially conservative.

Many establishments pay a low hourly wage knowing that tips are offered from a vast number of patrons. There are many appreciative patrons who can afford tipping and feel good about giving a generous tip to reward a server who has given their best service and total attention to addressing all the patron’s needs. Some servers go above and beyond to give the ultimate service. Would you agree the attitude and patience level of a server is taken into consideration for evaluating the tip amount? Many customers will rate the service provided to them. Poor service receives a poor tip – or no tip. Some servers are unfriendly and not suited for dealing with the public. They may do better at a desk shuffling papers or working at home.

’Tis better to tip small than never to have tipped at all – would you agree? How’s your tips?

Linda Alexandra