Letter: Just a thought ... about glad, try and nice

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

These three words can seem weak and undefined. Saying that you’re glad to see someone doesn’t sound as meaningful as being “pleased” or “happy” to see someone. The word “pleased” expresses much more oomph than the word “glad.” Do you agree? “Glad” is a dull word and can’t compete with “pleased.” “Glad” is boring.

“Try” is another weak word. Trying to do something is not as good as saying “putting more effort,” which sounds more doable. Instead of saying that you will try, you might say you “will put more effort” into something.

Replacing the boring and flat word “nice” with something much more descriptive will offer a sincere compliment or a positive spin on expressing a pleasant condition at hand. Commenting that a person looks nice doesn’t say much at all. “Nice” is a dry word. You might say they look so befitting or great, which is quite complimentary and much more than just “nice.”

Looking like “the cat’s pajamas,” used in the 1920s, is high praise, rather than just telling someone that they look good. “Good” beats “glad,” but “glad” is still overused.

Eliminate “glad” – use pleased, excited, happy and elated. Use “attempt” instead of “try.”

Many words are overused because of people repeating the same phrases. Use your words wisely. Words can bring peace or start wars.

Have a nice day? No, not just a nice day – have a truly outstanding day!

Linda Alexandra