Letters to the Editor

Letter: Lombardi for Congress

To the Editor:

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood should have made a New Year’s resolution to tell the truth. Did you see Underwood’s tweet in favor of the Build Back Better plan? If she truly cared about her district, she would be against this disaster in the making.

Underwood claims the bill will create jobs. It will not result in net new jobs. The bill allows the federal government to pick winners and losers in the business world. Government should not be deciding which businesses succeed and which ones don’t. Moreover, the bill will cause hyper-inflation making essentials even more unaffordable.

I have given Underwood a chance and she is failing us. That’s why I am supporting Jack Lombardi for Congress. Jack is a businessman who has actually created jobs. As a family man, he knows how tight household budgets are getting due to inflation. He will support legislation that creates real jobs and that won’t cause more inflation.

Join me in voting for Jack Lombardi for Congress.

Katie Rivera