Letters to the Editor

Letter: What can I do?

To the Editor:

As this is being written, 200 nations will finish their climate change deliberations, in Glasgow. Apparently, a compromise was reached on the reading about coal. I believe it now reads, To “faze down” rather than to “faze out”. There is little evidence that there will be a quick solution, but there is agreement that we must all get on board – and now.

What can I do? Talk about it among friends, that is one thing. Read one of Greta Thunberg’s books (“No one is too small to make a difference” is a good one). Do some little thing such as lower the thermostat, plant a tree, or paint your roof white. The first solar panel installation has taken place in our neighborhood (a bit bigger step). Walk, ride a bike. All those things add up. They will help get carbon down instead of up. Let’s get at it!

Rev. Bob Dell