Letter: Enter a float in Yorkville’s parade

To the Editor:

The Fourth of July is just around the corner. I hope we are all planning to celebrate the independence of our great country and the freedoms we all enjoy as a result of the courage and wisdom of our forefathers.

Please consider entering a float in our annual parade, which will be July 3 this year. Yes, please have an entry promoting your business or a group of marchers representing your organization; but, it would be great to also see a depiction of George Washington crossing the Delaware, the Old North Church, Betsy Ross sewing that flag or a replica of the Statue of Liberty.

I’m sure there are hundreds of ideas out there. Let’s really celebrate that day 245 years ago (1776) when we officially declared our independence as a nation!

Families, neighborhood groups, organizations ... please enter a float.

Carol Blake Sheeley