Letter: Overwhelming community opposition

To the Editor:

Thank you to the many people who attended the Yorkville Public Library’s Board of Trustees meeting Monday, May 10. The library board voted 7-2 to reject the mayor’s proposal to place the Park and Recreation preschool in a portion of the library. There was overwhelming community opposition to the city’s proposal. The library board responded and heard you and your voices. The mayor and city administrator also heard you.

In preparation for the board meeting - with the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions and regulations of the Open Meetings Act - library staff set up two separate areas with chairs and monitors to allow attendees from each area to speak via Zoom.

So many of you supported the Yorkville Library as you were able - whether talking to friends, sending emails, attending the library board meeting, speaking at the meeting, or wishing the best for the library and the community.

I’m so impressed by your encouragement, championship, backing, and protection of the Yorkville Library.

Judy Somerlot