Letter: 100 days: a strong focused start

To the Editor:

The Biden/Harris administration celebrated 100 days with a report to Congress about results and articulated an inspiring, clear message addressing the future. Biden asked us to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID as he directed the full force of government to protect people. A huge logistic success. The American Rescue Plan exceeded the goal of 100 million vaccines by achieving 220 million in the first 100 days. The bill cut child poverty in half and created 1,300,000 jobs in the first 100 days, a new record.

President Biden inherited a pandemic, the worst economic crisis since the Depression and attacks on democracy at home and abroad. He spoke truthfully and calmly, calling for bipartisan support for an investment in our nation as only government can do. The American Jobs Plan is a blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America. The past president talked of an infrastructure program but achieved no results. Knowing strong bipartisan support exists, Biden is calling for us to rebuild and address our rapidly changing economy and climate change.

The American Family Plan will expand child care and preschool and offer two years of community college and child tax credits. The bill will decrease child poverty, invest for a stronger future and pay for these investments. Unlike past dramatic tax cuts for the rich that added $2 trillion to deficit, Biden knows we can pay for these people investments by returning corporate taxes to Bush-era levels and increasing capital gains taxes for the top 0.3 of 1% of super rich. Fifty-five big corporations paid no taxes, even with $40-plus billion in profits. Biden is not trying to punish anyone, just pay their fair share like you and I do.

Biden also spoke of America’s role in the world as democracy is at stake. We will no longer coddle authoritarian dictators but demonstrate that democracy does work. We will compete with China, defend our interests and human rights. Biden will end our longest war and bring our troops home. He calls for us to come together and heal the soul of this nation. Biden welcomes dialogue, will listen to others’ ideas, but states the world is not waiting and inaction is not an option. Biden is proving democracy still works and that the USA is durable and resilient.

Chuck Steinbach