Letter: Americans woke up

keyboard, letter to the editor

To the Editor:

America is waking up. Americans woke up to the Republicans’ autocratic polices of taking books out of schools and libraries instead of passing bills that work for other countries to take guns out of schools keeping our children safe. America woke up to Republicans constantly hating on immigrants, gays, transgenders, Blacks, etc., stomping on their rights.

Americans woke up when Trump and his cronies stormed the Capital where officers lost their lives with no remorse from Trump and his mob while trying to steal an election that many heroes fought and died for. America woke up when Trump defied democracy and said he trusts Putin over our own intelligence and called Putin a great leader while Putin drops bombs on innocent children while invading another country.

Americans woke up to the Republicans’ plans to get rid of Social Security and Medicare, not caring that many would suffer. Americans woke up to Republicans cutting taxes on the rich and greedy while raising the taxes on the ones who built this country. America woke up to the Republicans’ plans to abolish abortions including incest and rape.

Americans woke up to the hateful Republican Party that always expects the middle class and the poor to reduce our debt when the rich and greedy increased the debt with their tax cuts along with huge subsidies for big oil, pharma, etc.

No wonder Republicans are so concerned about the “woke” culture; they woke America up. Please vote for our children’s future.

Randy Moore