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Letter: Strictly intended to help the community

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To the Editor:

In response to the letter written by Jason Hudson; my family has lived in Oswego since 1976 and my father’s business dates to 1967. We are deeply proud to donate our personal funding to help our school district, firefighters, police department and sheriffs’ association along with many other local organizations.

These donations are intended to help these organizations and campaigns prosper to benefit the entire community. We have donated money to causes that Dave Krahn asked us to support, such as the new veterans park and Kendall County Sheriff Baird, both Republicans.

At no time has our family, company or I received any compensation, favors or board votes of any kind. We strictly intended to help the community with nothing asked for in return.

Additionally, we have had plenty of local Republican candidates along with Democratic candidates put signs in our front yard. We have always believed in supporting the best candidates at that time for the sake of our community, not personal gain.

Comparing the factual actions of the current elected village president and village board staying silent on taking campaign funds that directly involves votes on multiple new developments is an outrageous comparison to supporting our community that we have lived and worked in for decades. If people are bothered by us supporting our schools, firefighters and many other local organizations who support our community, that is a problem for those who feel in such a way that only they can explain for themselves.

David Edelman