Letter: Oaths matter

keyboard, letter to the editor

To the Editor:

Citizens should be concerned about the opinion piece published in the Record on Jan. 26 by The Daily Herald. The anonymous author of the article shows a clear disrespect toward the Constitution of the United States and the police departments that take their oath seriously.

The editorial stated that many law enforcement agencies should blindly follow a possible unconstitutional law rushed in place by politicians. I am not writing in favor or against the subject matter, but on the principle that is at stake. Our Constitution isn’t a trivial matter.

This wasn’t just a concern of one or two police departments, but many departments and counties across the state. I wonder how the Daily Herald’s opinion would have been written if a rushed law was put in place that was possibly unconstitutional regarding the 1st Amendment.

Politicians over time across the world have removed people’s rights with grave consequences. I can only imagine how much better this world would be if more brave men and women had stood up for what was right throughout history. I am proud to know we still have people who take their oaths seriously.

Doug Gibbs