Letter: Questionable use of funds


To the Editor:

In the last couple of weeks, in this Forum, there have been letters calling for supporting the passage of the Oswego Fire Protection District Tax Referendum for safety reasons and payroll concerns.

While agreeing that costs have risen to fund the district’s needs properly, and reading that current and past officials of the district support increasing taxes to fund the budget, we the taxpayers need to hear that the district is willing to do what they are asking us to do, “tighten our belts.”

I have heard, read about, and researched questionable use of our tax supported funds, for example Sleep Number beds, Lazy Boy recliners, panini sandwich machines, logoed furniture, yearly grill replacements, and other purchases. Along with account bookkeeping procedures showing balance discrepancies upwards of $100,000, being good stewards of our money is exactly what we are looking for.

Sometimes saying no to wants are OK, especially when it is not your money you are spending. As I stated in my previous letter to the editor, I am not anti-fire district, I am anti-waste.

J. Scott Pugsley