Letter: Show compassion


To the Editor:

Joe Biden made his compulsory trip to Buffalo to create a presidential photo op displaying compassion for the survivors of the supermarket shooting. All presidents do these things. These visits are expected, particularly when minority communities are involved. When a man drove through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Joe and Jill didn’t hop on Air Force One to comfort that group because it did not fit his narrative.

Biden should show compassion to the entire population of the U.S. Elections have consequences, and his election is killing all of us with his war against the fossil fuel industry. We were energy independent. We were paying $2 a gallon for gas before Joe. We weren’t struggling to simply put $20 in the tank and not even getting five gallons.

All you Joe supporters should pay attention in November. Joe, Pritzker and all the Democrats inflicted this pain on us. Remind them that they caused the gas price increase, the 8%-plus inflation and just about everything they’ve touched.

Joe, visit ordinary citizens and spread some of that compassion toward the millions of us whom you are killing.

Remind him that this midterm election should have consequences once again.

Don Lass