Letter: Thought provoking


To the Editor:

Pay any price. Bear any burden.

A recent letter (“He Said What?”) suggests that the blame for economic problems facing Americans be laid at Joe Biden’s feet.

It’s thought-provoking. How many readers thought about putting down the paper to share their thoughts with a loved one, only to remind themselves that he or she was not there, a victim of former President Donald Trump’s bungling of the pandemic? A loved one lost because of Mr. Trump’s claim that bleach, sunlight or even horse de-wormer were more effective than a vaccination. How many readers thought to share their views over the Orthodox Easter weekend with relatives living in Ukraine, only to find that phone and internet service had been cut, and their relatives missing? Sheltering in a basement to avoid Russian missiles? In a refugee camp? Worse? And, did they wonder if all of that could have been avoided had former President Trump not bungled relations with Ukraine and Russia, hampering one and emboldening the other?

And, as they reflected on higher gas prices and the rising cost of other consumer items, how many readers thought they would gladly pay any price to have their loved ones back or to hear their relatives on the phone?

John Morello