Letter: Indian Valley Vocational Center left out


To the Editor:

First of all, thank you for devoting your May 5 edition of the Record to educators throughout our region. It was excellent in many ways. However, I noticed that on your Thank You Teachers page when you listed all the schools in our communities, you failed to recognize Indian Valley Vocational Center in Sandwich. IVVC administrators, teachers and support staff are also very dedicated to providing career and technical education throughout many of the school districts within your readership communities.

As a retired educator and administrator from IVVC myself, I saw the very important impact that IVVC had on countless numbers of students as they learned technical and workplace skills that are invaluable to future employment. Many IVVC programs also now offer dual credit as students move on to post-secondary institutions.

IVVC educators bring a unique combination of workplace and academic training to the classroom and deserve to be applauded along with all the other educators in our communities. Career and technical educators are preparing our students for the workplace of tomorrow. Let’s applaud them today.

Jane Wolf