May 27, 2022


Kendall County Building Permits

November 2021 building permits issued

Nov. 3, house, McCue Development Inc., 7102 Golfview Court, Yorkville

Nov. 2, demolition, Leonard and Leora Chally, 11413 A/B Route 71, Yorkville

Nov. 15, house, Michale Steck, 7127 Fitkins Drive, Oswego

Nov. 17, house, McCue Builders Inc., 7412 Fairway Drive, Yorkville

Nov. 8, house, McCue Development Inc., 7102 Golfview Court, Yorkville

Nov. 9, garage, Robert Bambic, 8435 B Old Ridge Road, Plainfield

Nov. 8, accessory building, Thomas Baumgartner, 8185 Van Emmon Road, Yorkville

Nov. 8, commercial-B Zone, Four Seasons Storage, LLC, 14339 County Line Road, Minooka

Nov. 12, swimming pool, Kelly Hoerni, 7250 Ironwood Court, Yorkville

Nov. 10, change in occupancy, Boulder Hill Property LLC/Abudelwick, 79 Boulder Hill Pass, Montgomery

Nov. 9, fire restoration, Jennifer and Michael Diederich, 65 Marnel Road, Montgomery

Nov. 17, generator, Brian Burkert, 8660 Kennedy Road, Yorkville

Nov. 16, solar, James and Suzanne Gillingham, 98 Quinsey Road, Yorkville

Nov. 9, solar, Emeterio Ayala, 40 Cheyenne Court, Oswego

Nov. 9, solar, Pablo and Robin Sifuentes, 7573 Galena Road, Bristol

Nov. 8, solar, Francine Powell and Anthony Edmonds, 7 Knollwood Drive, Montgomery

Nov. 22, garage, Yolanda Aguilar, 20 Shore Court, Oswego

Nov. 19, accessory building, Eric and Emma Smith, 9635 Chicago Road, Newark

Nov. 19, accessory building, Leo and Debra Keigher, 2575 Caton Farm Road, Minooka

Nov. 22, remodel, 325 S Route 31 LLC, Reich Brothers, 275 Route 31, Oswego

Nov. 18, driveway, John Schuda, 15731 Brisbin Road, Minooka

Nov. 19, solar, Celso and Estella Trujillo, 208 Fernwood Road, Montgomery

Nov. 29, house, Adam Cornwell and Amanda Norberg, 7529 Fairway Drive, Yorkville

Nov. 29, house, McCue Builders Inc., 7372 Clubhouse Drive, Yorkville

Nov. 30, accessory building, Andrew and April Reichert, 5735 Fields Drive, Yorkville

Nov. 29, swimming pool, Anthony and Shari Falcone, 6332 Valleyview Court, Yorkville

Nov. 30, generator, Jeanne Brommer, 52 Winding Creek Road, Yorkville

Nov. 30, solar, Laurie Rudow and Amy Andrews, 3 Cebold Drive, Montgomery