May 27, 2022


Kendall County Building Permits

August 2021 building permits issued

Aug. 2, accessory building, Brad and Tammy Quillen, 6938 Sundown Lane, Yorkville

Aug. 2, accessory building, Perry Bonnevier and Cheryl Tatton, 35 E. Lexington Circle, Yorkville

Aug. 9, accessory building, Peggy Glaser, 142 Boulder Hill Pass, Montgomery

Aug. 9, accessory building, Blanca Flores, 7701 Plattville Road, Newark

Aug. 11, demolition, Illinois Railway Inc.

Aug. 6, generator, Kenneth and Natalie Brummel, 6143 Savanna Court, Yorkville

Aug. 18, house, Michael and Kara Francesconi, 7503 Fairway Drive, Yorkville

Aug. 18, garage, Ronald and Mindy Burkhamer, 45 E. Timberlake Trail, Oswego

Aug. 17, accessory building, Michael and Cheryl Gach, 7372 Gilda Court, Yorkville

Aug. 17, remodel, Rick and Deborah Stevens, 4098 Cherry Road, Oswego

Aug. 18, deck, Christopher and Ashley Darcy, 15980 S. Stonewall Drive, Newark

Aug. 23, addition, Jorge and Ry Ramirez, 17660 Sedgewick Road, Sandwich

Aug. 23, remodel, Adrian and Jasmine Williams, 4192 Steam Mill Court, Oswego

Aug. 19, Daniel and Janet OBrien, 47 Circle Drive, Montgomery

Aug. 19, farm building, Jose Angel Macias, 3610 Van Dyke Road, Minooka

Aug. 23, deck, Marc and Deborah Zolnierowicz, 15770 Griswold Springs Road, Plano

Aug. 23, electrical upgrades, Ryan and Katherine Reuter, 9 Linden Ave., Yorkville

Aug. 23, electrical upgrades, Jorge and Ry Ramirez, 17660 Sedgewick Road, Sandwich

Aug. 23, solar, Douglas and Jennifer Binns, 3675 Hold Road, Minooka

Aug. 31, farm building, Eric and Renee Palmer, 16929 Ridge Road, Minooka