Cricket stadium property gets ‘full-access’ intersection from Kendall County Board

This map shows the location of a proposed full-access interchange along Orchard Road, halfway between Galena Road on the north and Tuscany Trail on the south, to serve the proposed Breybourne Cricket Stadium, outlined in red. (Courtesy of Kendall County)

Whether a cricket stadium or ultimately some other development project occurs at the northwest corner of Orchard Road and Tuscany Trail in Oswego, there is expected be a new “full-access” intersection with dedicated turn lanes to serve the property.

The Kendall County Board on Sept. 19 approved a variance that will allow an Orchard Road intersection halfway between Tuscany Trail on the south and Galena Road on the north.

Breybourne Stadium is proposed as 25,000-seat facility. The professional cricket stadium, clubhouse and restaurant would be constructed on a 34-acre site.

The land currently is zoned for manufacturing and the proposed stadium would be considered a special use. Oswego village officials are considering the proposal, even as some residents organize against the plan.

Kendall County Highway Engineer Fran Klaas told the County Board that the intersection will be needed to serve the land and adjoining properties, even if the cricket stadium plan fails to gain approval.

Orchard Road, technically known as County Highway 20, is classified as an Access 1 Highway, requiring a spacing between public streets and private driveways of not less than 2,640 feet, or half a mile.

Tuscany Trail and Galena Road are about a half-mile from each other, meaning the all-access intersection will be only about a quarter-mile from each.

“We support the petition,” Oswego Public Works Director Jennifer Hughes said afterwards, calling the quarter-mile spacing between intersections appropriate.

Orchard Road would be widened to a five-lane cross-section beginning about 400 feet north of Tuscany Trail and ending about 350 feet south of Galena Road.

The five-lane section will continue to provide two thru-lanes in each direction, as well as continuous left turns at Tuscany Trail, at the full access intersection and at Galena Road, according to the county ordinance.

There also would be a right-turn lane for southbound traffic on Orchard Road.

Hughes said a traffic signal for the intersection would come later, after a warrant is issued by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

“In consideration of the need for access and mobility in the vicinity of this rapidly developing commercial corridor, the Kendall County Board has evaluated and approved the petition for variance,” according to the ordinance.

“Kendall County supports the recapture of proportionate shares of design and construction costs for Orchard Road,” according to the ordinance, including the petitioner, surrounding properties that will benefit and the villages of Oswego and Montgomery.