New members join Kendall County Child Advocacy Center

Members recently completed training and joined the Kendall County Children’s Advocacy Center.

The Kendall County State’s Attorney recently announced the addition of five highly trained members of the Kendall County Children’s Advocacy Center.

At the request of Kendall County State’s Attorney Eric Weis, the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office, Montgomery Police Department, Oswego Police Department, Plano Police Department and the Yorkville Police Department each sent a detective to the intensive Child First training to become forensic interviewers of minor victims of severe physical or sexual abuse. This specialized weeklong training teaches the specific techniques needed when interviewing a child victim. Each detective was trained on how to respond to allegations quickly, sensitively and skillfully when dealing with a child victim. Additionally, each detective had to complete actual interviews in order to receive their certificate from the training. The five detectives all received their certificates and are now able to provide a service to the child victims of sexual abuse/assault and physical abuse.

In a news release, Weis said “the commitment of these detectives by Kendall County law enforcement to the Child Advocacy Center is invaluable. This really is a team approach when it comes to protecting our most vulnerable victims.”

The Kendall County Child Advocacy Center interviews minor children who have alleged sexual abuse or severe physical abuse. Since its inception in 2007, the Kendall County Child Advocacy Center has conducted more than 1,300 child-sensitive interviews, with more than 120 in 2021 alone. If you or someone you know has been the victim of physical or sexual abuse/assault, please contact your local law enforcement or the state’s attorney’s office.