Yorkville encourages residents to join water conservation challenge

Residents in winning cities can receive up to $3,000 off their utility bill

Yorkville has joined the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, an initiative for local government and residents to pledge to save water and win hundreds of environmentally-friendly prizes.

Residents who join the national challenge may pledge to conserve water on behalf of Yorkville over the month of April at mywaterpledge.com. The city in their population group with the highest amounts of pledge can offer residents a chance to win $3,000 off on their utility bill, gift cards and other prizes. A local charity in winning cities can also be nominated to receive a 2021 Toyota Highlander to greater serve the community.

“This challenge is a great way for cities large and small to dour part for the planet - and reward our residents for doing the right thing,” Mayor John Purcell said in a press release Monday, April 5.

The annual challenge is a non-profit community service campaign aimed at what local leaders can best get residents to “use water more efficiently, reduce pollution and save energy,” according to the press release.

Last year, 2,000 cities participated in the challenge, conserving over 1 billion gallons of water.

Lucas Robinson

Lucas Robinson covers politics, courts, schools and the pandemic in Kendall County and Yorkville for Shaw Media. His work has previously appeared in the Chicago Reader, the Buenos Aires Times, Open Secrets and USAToday. He grew up in Muncie, Indiana.