Some good COVID-19 news: Oswego School District reports drop in cases among students

23 confirmed cases is 15 fewer than the 38 cases reported the previous week

The number of Oswego School District 308 students with confirmed cases of COVID-19 has dropped over the past week.

According to data provided by the district, a total of 83 students were in quarantine, including 61 at the elementary level, 12 in junior high and nine in high school from Aug. 30 - Sept. 5. One student in grades or programs other than elementary, junior high and high school is also under quarantine, the data shows.

A total of 23 students were confirmed to have COVID-19, including eight at the elementary level, three in junior high and 12 in high school between Aug. 30 - Sept. 5.

The number of COVID-19 positive students in the district decreased from the previous week’s total of 38 students, including 14 at the elementary level, 10 in junior high and 14 in high school.

A total of five staff members are currently in quarantine, including four at the elementary level and one at the district level. Five staff members have confirmed cases of COVID-19; two in elementary schools, one in junior high and two in high school.

The district has an enrollment of more than 17,000 students.

OSD 308 is measuring its COVID metrics differently this year than it did during the 2020-2021 school year.

This year, COVID-19 metrics for the district are being evaluated in two-week intervals to “reflect trends rather than sharp increases or decreases”, according to a district plan. Metrics will continue to be reported for the district and its service area on the OSD 308 website, and will consist of a 14-day average of new cases per 100,000 population for the four zip codes that are located within the district.

District metrics are updated weekly, and can be found under the “Metrics” tab on the district’s Return to School 21-22 website page.