Almost 60% of Kendall County’s population is now fully vaccinated, health department data shows

Nearly six out of ten Kendall County residents had been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 as of Monday, Oct. 18, according to information provided by the Kendall County Health Department.

The health department data listed 58.27% or 74,536 of the county’s total population as fully vaccinated for the virus.

Between Oct. 4 and Oct. 18, 1,147 more county residents became fully vaccinated. On Oct. 4, the health department reported 73,389 county residents were fully vaccinated or 57.59% of the county’s population.

Everyone in Illinois age 12 and older is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines are available at no cost at most local pharmacies throughout the county including Walgreens, Osco and CVS, and at the county health department, located at 811 W. John Street in Yorkville.

The health department reported Oct. 14 that 112 county residents have died from COVID-19, while cases of the virus have been confirmed in 16,957 county residents since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020.

According to Illinois Department of Public Health data released Monday, 63.4% or 6,893,397 Illinois residents ages 12 and older were fully vaccinated, while 8,774,439 or 81% had at least one dose of a vaccine.