Kendall County Health Department reports 69 more COVID-19 cases

The Kendall County Health Department reported 69 new cases of COVID-19 among county residents as of Wednesday, Jan. 13.

That brings the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the county to 9,583, with 4,921 as listed in recovery, according to the health department.

The total number of deaths in the county from COVID-19 remained at 72 on Wednesday.

According to Illinois Department of Public Health data as of Wednesday, 9,976 people have been tested for COVID-19 in the 60548 ZIP code (including Sandwich) with 982 confirmed cases, 9,018 tested in 60545 (including Plano) with 1,209 confirmed cases, 20,688 tested in 60560 (including Yorkville) with 1,952 confirmed cases, 19,416 tested in 60538 (including Montgomery) with 2,303 confirmed cases and 25,169 tested in 60543 (including Oswego) with 2,578 confirmed cases.

People ages 20 to 49 make up the majority of COVID-19 cases in Kendall County, according to county department health data. People in their 20s make up about 18% of all cases, while people in their 30s make up 18.2%. People in their 40s make up 19.3% of the cases as of Wednesday.

Residents ages 60 and older comprise about 11% of all cases in the county, according to KCHD data. People younger than 20 make up 17% of all county cases

Women account for 53% of county COVID-19 cases, while men account for 47%, according to Wednesday’s county health department data.