Museum and Oswegoland Heritage Association to host ‘Lost Oswego’

Oswego’s 1920s vintage village hall, demolished in 2015 to make way for a new commercial building in the village’s downtown business district, will be one of the subjects of 'Lost Oswego,' a presentation on disappearing community landmarks.

Oswego’s Little White School Museum and the Oswegoland Heritage Association will kick off National Historic Preservation Month at noon Saturday, May 4, with “Lost Oswego,” a chronicle of some of the community’s lost landmarks during the last century and a half.

The museum is located at 72 Polk St., just two blocks from Oswego’s historic downtown business district.

During “Lost Oswego,” museum director Roger Matile will present a survey of Oswego’s lost bricks-and-mortar heritage, from architecturally significant homes to schools, churches and to other landmarks the community’s lost over the years, both accidentally and due to development as far back as the 19th Century.

Admission for “Lost Oswego” is $5, either by reservation or at the door the day of the program. To pre-register, call the Oswegoland Park District at 630-554-1010 or visit the museum reservation and registration page at

For more information, call 630-554-2999, email or visit