District 308′s Boulder Hill School raises money to help parking lot project

All through January, Boulder Hill Elementary School families sent students to school with extra pennies, nickels, and dimes they could find to give toward the parking lot fund for the Neighborhood Church of the Brethren.

Families with the Oswego Community Unit School District 308′s Boulder Hill Elementary School in Montgomery pitched in with their pennies, raising more than $800 in the first weeks of the new year to contribute toward the cost of repairs to the Neighborhood Church of the Brethren’s adjacent lot.

Recognizing the tight space for parking, drop-offs and pick-ups, church staff lets families overflow to their lot, which has resulted in more wear than it would typically have, according to a news release from School District 308. With rough patches becoming apparent and painted lines fading, Boulder Hill Principal Toia Jones wanted to lend a helping hand to a neighbor who’s accommodated them for years, according to the release.

Jones put out a call to parents with Pennies for Parking to help support repairs for the church’s parking lot. Pennies were a simple thing to ask for, she thought, with how easy it is to find them, even just on the ground, according to the release.

To model good neighborliness and teach kindness to students, the school set out to collect as much loose change as possible.

All through January, families sent students to school with extra pennies, nickels, and dimes they could find to give toward the parking lot fund, according to the release. With the help of student council members and school staff, they counted out all the coins brought in custom-made envelopes created by parent Kelley Rice, owner of Imagination Print & Design.

By the end of the month, the school’s 700 students worked together to collect a total of $833.37 to give to the Neighborhood Church of the Brethren, according to the release.

“It really made me feel good that students and families were willing to support the neighborhood church that’s been supporting our building for years,” school secretary Stacy Smith said in the release. “It’s a very creative way to say thank you.”

Jones was so proud of the total amount the school community raised in a short amount of time, and the results exceeded everyone’s expectations, she added. The project was a great example of how the community partners with the schools.