Yorkville high school student charged with possession of brass knuckles

Student did not make any threats

Yorkville High School sign

A Yorkville High School student has been charged after being found Monday in possession of brass knuckles.

On Monday, Yorkville High School administrators discovered a student possessing brass knuckles, according to a news release from the Yorkville Police Department. Brass knuckles are used primarily in hand-to-hand combat.

The student in possession of the brass knuckles did not make any threats to the school, students or staff and at no time was the safety of the school compromised, according to the release. Yorkville High School administrators informed the Yorkville Police Department School Resource Officer of the incident and the student was charged accordingly.

The student was charged with unauthorized possession of a weapon on school grounds, a misdemeanor. After being charged, the student was not allowed to return to class and released to their guardian, according to the release.