Plans for 800-unit Oswego subdivision moving forward

D.R. Horton, Inc. wants to build 512 single-family house and 301 townhouses on 228 acres at the southwest corner of Wolf’s Crossing Road and Roth Road.

A proposal to build more than 800 residential units as part of a new subdivision in Oswego is moving ahead.

At their Sept. 28 meeting, plan commissioners recommended approval of the Sonoma Trails project, which will now go to village trustees for review. D.R. Horton Inc. wants to build 512 single-family units and 301 townhouse units on 228 acres at the southwest corner of Wolf’s Crossing Road and Roth Road.

The northwest and south portions of the property currently are in unincorporated Kendall County, while the northeast portion of the property is zoned residential in the village. Commissioners recommended approval of the request for rezoning upon annexation of Sonoma Trails to the R-2 single-family residence district and R-4 general residence district.

They also recommended approval of a special use permit for a planned use development and the preliminary planned use development and subdivision plat for the Sonoma Trails development. In addition, commissioners recommended approval of the final planned use development and plat for phase one of Sonoma Trails consisting of neighborhoods 1, 2 and 10.

In a memo to the commission, Development Services Director Rod Zenner noted the proposed development plan is consistent with the village’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan’s that calls for medium density residential development and a diverse mix of housing choices. As part of the plans, D.R. Horton proposes to build three different dwelling types – townhouses, cottage homes and single-family houses.

In a previous discussion of the plans, some residents voiced concerns about the size of the project.

“Is Oswego really hurting so bad for tax dollars that we have to add all these households?” asked Susan Shields, a 16-year resident of Southbury subdivision in Oswego, in speaking during a public hearing on the plans at the Sept. 7 Oswego Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. “Do we need 69,000 people in Oswego and if so, why?”

In Oswego’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning has estimated the village could grow to 69,155 by 2040 if its boundaries grow. According to, Oswego as of July 2022 was estimated to have a population of 35,850 people.

Village trustees recently approved plans for the 326-unit Piper Glen subdivision, which M/I Homes of Chicago LLC proposes to build on the south side of Wolfs Crossing Road between Douglas Road extended and Southbury Boulevard.

“I’m just thinking we need to pump the brakes on some of these subdivisions,” said resident Craig Seitzinger, who also noted the ongoing construction work associated with the Wolfs Crossing improvements. Wolfs Crossing is being expanded to four lanes to accommodate current and future growth, according to village officials.

In response to Shields’ comments, Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Charlie Pajor said the body “takes what comes before us and we look at it and try, from a planning commission standpoint, to make it the best it can be. And we make recommendations to the Village Board, which has the ultimate say-so.”

“We’re trying to do our best to keep it [the village] desirable while dealing with that growth,” he said.