Kendall County Sheriff’s deputies remove two dogs from Boulder Hill home

A sign greets motorists on Route 30 at Briarcliff Road, welcoming them to Boulder Hill.

Kendall County Sheriff’s deputies removed two dogs from a home in the unincorporated Boulder Hill subdivision on Tuesday, May 10.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office said they launched an investigation with the Kendall County Animal Control Office after receiving reports from several residents concerned about the dogs’ care.

The dogs were taken to the animal control office in Yorkville where the sheriff’s office said “they will be properly nourished, and receive necessary treatment from a veterinarian.”

The sheriff’s office said their investigation concerning the dogs’ treatment is continuing.

In a social media post, the sheriff’s office offered additional information on the case. A portion of the post reads:

“After a short ride to their accommodations for the evening, both dogs were given some much-needed food, treats, ear scratches, belly rubs, and water. They’ll be seen by a veterinarian, where they’ll hopefully get a clean bill of health.

“We wanted to thank the members of the community for bringing this situation to our attention. While these cases can take some time to fully investigate, we will continue to keep everyone apprised of the status of the criminal investigation, and the status of our two new furry friends.”