June 22, 2021
Crime Brief

Kendall County Sheriff’s Office to ‘take more strict’ approach to off-road vehicles on public streets

Violators will be ticketed and vehicles towed

The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office has announced it is stepping up its enforcement of laws prohibiting off-road vehicles on public roadways.

In a press statement issued Friday, June 11, the sheriff’s office said in response to numerous complaints regarding off-road vehicles it will “take a more strict enforcement approach to these types of incidents.”

The statement reads: “If anyone is observed operating an off-highway vehicle on a residential public roadway it will result in being ticketed and the vehicle possibly being towed.”

The sheriff’s office noted they have received complaints--often involving children--using all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes, mini-bikes and go carts on public roadways.

“In most cases, these vehicles are not safe or registered to be operated on public roadways,” the statement reads.

The statement continues: “The sheriff’s office strongly encourages operators and parents/guardians to ensure the safe and legal operation of off-highway vehicles in the appropriate setting such as on private property with the authorization of the owner of the property, and at no time should off-road vehicles be operated on residential public roadways. We would rather take these steps now than have to respond to a serious injury crash involving an off-road vehicle later.”

The sheriff’s office also noted that it is their philosophy to attempt to gain voluntary compliance through educating the operators and their parents/guardians about the dangers and legal ramifications of operating such a vehicle on a public roadway.

“Unfortunately, this approach has not been entirely effective and the warnings which have been given are not being heeded,” the statement reads.