The Importance of Memorial Parks for Community Healing

Oakwood Memorial Park - The Importance of Memorial Parks for Community Healing

Memorial parks exist as a place where individuals can visit to reflect on past events, honor lost loved ones, and actively navigate through a grieving period. But this also works collectively, as entire communities can gather at the site to share difficult experiences.

The parks themselves are often designed in such a way that they represent a community’s interests and values. As people visit and reflect, they can not only mourn their losses but allow for new, healthy ways to grieve, both individually and with others in the community, all in a serene, tranquil setting.

The memorial site then becomes a place of healing. While typically associated with the loss of life, the vibrant, thriving environment can also create a feeling of peace and gratitude for visitors.

Oakwood Memorial Park

Oakwood Memorial Park is comprised of 42 beautiful acres in Ottawa, Illinois, and has been a landmark in the community for generations.

The family-owned park is a dedicated community partner that provides important services and burial options to help others honor their loved ones and manage their grief.

The design and function of Oakwood Memorial Park is to provide a wonderful space for families and friends to gather and remember, to heal, and to touch. The site is more than just a place of burial. The graves and markers are a permanent record that our loved ones were here, and they impacted our lives.

With space for traditional burials and cremation burials (indoors, outdoors, above ground or below ground), Oakwood brings the community together in unique ways both collectively and individually, and will for many generations to come.

For more information or questions, please visit or call 815-433-0313.

Oakwood Memorial Park

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