Senica Six proceeds benefit Lighted Way

6-man scramble features top talent in Illinois Valley

Jessica Kreiser of Lighted Way accepts a check from Nate Rodriguez of Senica's Oak Ridge following the Senica Six six-man scramble Saturday, July 6, 2024.

Senica’s Oak Ridge hosted its second annual Senica Six golf tournament Saturday.

The Senica Six is a six-man golf scramble consisting of some of the Illinois Valley’s top talent while partnering with a local organization. This year, The Lighted Way was the recipient, as its volunteers were in full force supporting the outing.

The winning team comprised Putnam County’s Chris Coleman, Ian Roach, Ben Cyr, Mitch Aimone, Caleb Dzierzynski and Auston Pflibsen. With the winning score of 18-under, this six-some took home the grand prize donated by Senica Six LLC.

Nate Rodriguez from Senica’s Oak Ridge expressed his gratitude to all who participated in Saturday’s event.

“This is starting to become one of the area’s best events,” Rodriguez said, “the Illinois Valley’s best players all coming together to compete for the grand prize while supporting such a great organization. We could not have asked for a better day of golf.”

Rodriguez also wanted to extend a special thank you to Jessica Kreiser and her Lighted Way staff. They went above and beyond volunteering to ensure that the tournament went smoothly. Proceeds from the event were donated to The Lighted Way in La Salle.

The winning team at the Senica Six on Saturday, July 6, 2024, was comprised of (from left) Putnam County’s Chris Coleman, Ian Roach, Ben Cyr, Mitch Aimone, Caleb Dzierzynski, and Auston Pflibsen.
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