2 houses set for demolition in Streator

Houses to be torn down in late July, early August

812 Hoyne Street in Streator, IL.

Two abandoned houses were approved for demolition by the Streator City Council on Wednesday.

The City Council awarded a $12,000 contract to Feken Excavating Inc. for the demolition of 812 Hoyne St. and a $9,700 contract to Robert Shay for the demolition of 101 S. Second Ave. Funding for the demolitions comes from the Strong Communities Grant.

Each structure has been deemed uninhabitable, and the City Council decided that the best course of action was demolition. This decision was made to prioritize public safety, as both houses were deemed to pose risks to the neighboring community.

Streator City Engineer Jeremy Palm said the city has been planning to take down these structures for more than a year. Specifically, the city started demolition proceedings for 812 Hoyne St. last year and 101 S. Second Ave. in 2022.

Palm said the Second Avenue house has been vacant for almost seven to eight years, while the Hoyne house was vacated last year. He said both structures have significant roof damage and are at risk of collapsing, especially the Second Avenue house.

101 South 2nd Street in Streator, IL.

The goal after demolishing these houses is to open development opportunities for each property and maintain stable property values in the area, Palm said. The city is hopeful that after the demolition is complete, each property will be purchased and potentially have a new house built on it.

Demolition is set to begin sometime in late July or early August for both structures.

“We’re hoping that after we’ve completed the work, we’ll be able to find a buyer for those lots and build a new house,” Palm said.

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