Update on Illinois Valley Food and Deli in La Salle: Store may open mid- to end of June

Owners have invested in new roof, applied for grant but did not receive it

Illinois Valley Food and Deli in La Salle will be closed for the next two to three weeks until it reopens with new ownership.

The Illinois Valley Food and Deli in La Salle may be open for business by mid-June or the end of June, co-owner Nizar Tharani said.

The store closed Feb. 10, announcing that it would be under new ownership. Tharani will own the business with his partners Pankaj Chaudhari and Nilesh Chaudhari, each of the Naperville area, and they have experience running restaurants and convenience stores.

The La Salle City Council discussed the store during Tuesday’s meeting after a resident asked for an update during public comments.

Building inspector Andy Bacidore told the council that the store is installing a new roof on a section of the building.

“I did get a large building permit for a roof repair for a large amount of money,” he said. “So, they are invested in the building.”

Tharani said the business applied for an Illinois Grocery Initiative grant to replace some of its refrigerator units, but it was not awarded.

Alderman Tom Ptak said he had been asked several times about the opening of the food center and asked Mayor Jeff Grove if he had heard anything.

Grove mentioned a Facebook update, saying the store was accepting applications, but he had not heard of anyone getting hired. Tharani said the store is not hiring at this time but has retained about four or five employees from the previous owners to get the store ready. Tharani said new hiring will begin when the business has a definitive opening date.

“It’s a big question for everybody,” Grove said during Tuesday’s council meeting of the store’s opening. “And again, I really want them to do it right. I know it’s been a while.”

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