Princeton Logan students selected for Citizenship Awards

Students 5th through 8th grade honored

Princeton Logan Junior High School Citizenship Award winners are (from left) Charlotte Nelson, Eve Boggs, Lilly Mabry, Alivia Norman, Kipton Gutshall, Kaitlyn Gill, Nolan Bronson, Liam Pinter, Zoey Maurice, Taley Kinsley and (back) Braylon Clevenger.

Citizenship ideals at Logan Junior High School in Princeton emphasize both curriculum and extracurricular activities.

Attitudes and behaviors that reflect a concern for others, participation in school functions, responsible leadership and willingness to serve, and mental and physical courage are the guidelines in selecting.

The following students were selected to receive Citizenship Awards at Logan Junior High School for the fourth quarter of the 2023-24 school year.

Fifth grade

Nolan Bronson, Kipton Gutshall, Kaitlin Gill, Alivia Norman, Zoey Maurice

Sixth grade

Taleya Kinsley and Liam Pinter

Seventh grade

Charlotte Nelson and Eve Boggs

Eighth grade

Braylon Clevenger and Lilly Mabry

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